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  • 21 Days Prayer and Fasting

    01/10/16 - We're challenging everyone to take time over the next 21 days to pray, fast, and seek God together.

  • 9-20-15 _ Fan or Follower W2

    09/20/15 - These are some of Jesus' HARD SAYINGS. Not to fill you with guilt or condemnation, but rather to make sure you receive the grace and mercy God wants to offer you.

  • A SAVIOR Is Born - He Sees You

    12/11/16 - If youÕre setting aside time to reflect on 2016 and plan for 2017 this message is for you! Josiah Jobe shares practical steps that help us take action on our desires and affirm our identity in Christ.Ź

  • A SAVIOR Is Born - Look Who God Picked

    12/25/16 - When God chooses His team, sometimes His first choices are people the world would choose last. This special Christmas message takes a closer look at the unlikely guests that celebrated Jesus' birth.

  • A SAVIOR Is Born - Making Room

    12/18/16 - How are you making room for Jesus?

  • A.D. #1 Life Changing People

    04/12/15 - The message of the Kingdom of God was the central message of JesusÕ teaching during his three-year ministry. The Book of Acts: Is the Story of what happens after the resurrection. The church is birthed. Jesus leaves to go to the Father and the Holy Spirit

  • A.D. #2 Spiritual Empowerment

    04/19/15 - Today I want to look at on one of the most controversial, misunderstood, yet powerful teachings of the New Testament. LetÕs examine how the Holy Spirit empowers us to witness, mobilizes us to our call, and also draws people to follow Christ.

  • A.D. #3 Take a Bold Stand

    04/26/15 - There is a boldness, authority and influence that comes from being with Jesus. The Holy Spirit empowers us to take a bold stand and share the Gospel, when we do this we can expect persecution and that some in the world may reject us just as they rejected

  • A.D. #4 Keep the Fire

    05/03/15 - How is your spiritual fire? What does it look like to be devoted to the Jesus Movement? In this message we examine Ō5 Marks of People that Stay on Fire for God.Õ