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  • Day One: Master Your Time

    01/01/17 - When you master your time, you master your life. Pastor Mark shares three steps for a productive, purposeful, Spirit-filled 2017.

  • A SAVIOR Is Born - Look Who God Picked

    12/25/16 - When God chooses His team, sometimes His first choices are people the world would choose last. This special Christmas message takes a closer look at the unlikely guests that celebrated Jesus' birth.

  • A SAVIOR Is Born - Making Room

    12/18/16 - How are you making room for Jesus?

  • A SAVIOR Is Born - He Sees You

    12/11/16 - If you’re setting aside time to reflect on 2016 and plan for 2017 this message is for you! Josiah Jobe shares practical steps that help us take action on our desires and affirm our identity in Christ. 

  • FEAR NOT - Don't Let Fear Steal Your Opportunity

    12/04/16 - God has not given you a spirit of fear. But of Power, of Love and of a sound mind - Pastor Mark Jobe 12-04-16

  • Break Through The Gloom

    11/27/16 - Current events make it easy for us to get sucked into a dark, gloomy perspective of life. As Christians we’re called to have an attitude of gratitude regardless of our circumstances. Pastor Mark shares four practical steps that equip us to face violence,

  • Acting In Love

    11/20/16 - If we want to truly be loving to others. It sometimes requires us to look at our own daily actions.

  • Now That The Elections Are Over #1 Now What?

    11/13/16 - Pastor Mark Jobe - We now have new leadership in office. Regardless of what side of the isle we may lean towards, we have to remember that we have a unifying factor between us. We believe in Jesus. Jesus example shows us that we should and will hold to go

  • BE BOLD 30th Anniversary Celebration

    11/06/16 - Never underestimate the power of prayer. "when people pray, the power of God falls and boldness goes forward" Pastor Mark Jobe