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  • A Faith that works

    06/19/16 - Join Pastor John as he begins the first message on the Book of James

  • Love Songs part 4

    06/12/16 - Speaker Isaac Huffman finishes up our Series on the Song of Songs. Fighting and Fueling our love is the focus.

  • Determine Love

    05/29/16 - Pastor John brings the 3rd installment of Love Song sermon series.

  • Song of Songs sermon #2

    05/22/16 - Speaker Oscar Sotello brings the second part of our series Love Songs, our look into the book of Song of Songs.

  • Love Songs Part 1

    05/15/16 - Pastor John LaTorre starts a new series in the Song of Songs. Join him in Chapter 1

  • Mothers Day 2016

    05/08/16 - Listen in as Pastor John Speaks about three women in history who have glorified God through their faithful lives.

  • Facing your feelings Pt 4 - Anger

    04/24/16 - Join Pastor John as he speak on Anger in the 4th part to the "Facing your Emotion" series

  • Facing your emotions Pt 3 - Joy

    04/17/16 - Join Pastor John as he continues the series, speaking on Joy.

  • Facing your emotions Pt 2

    04/10/16 - Pastor John LaTorre continues the sermon series, "facing your emtions" speaking on Sorrow. The sermon titled ŇSame Trail of Sorrow, Two Different TreesÓ is based on the text Matt 26:69-27:1-10.