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  • Facing your emotions Part 1

    04/03/16 - Guest speaker Isaac Huffman opens up the "Facing Your Emotions" series. Join us as he speaks on Apathy and its effects on our lives.

  • Easter Sunday 2016

    03/27/16 - Join Pastor John as he speaks on Luke 24, and how Jesus reminds us of the Hope we have in Him.

  • Palm Sunday 2016

    03/20/16 - Join Pastor John LaTorre on Palm Sunday, as he speaks some reasons the Church as a whole and the church of New Life Humboldt Park has been unfaithful in our command to evangelize.

  • Chain Reaction

    03/13/16 - King Jesus conquers evil, changes lives, and creates a new declaration. Text: Luke 8:26-39

  • Having a broke view of money and material possessions

    02/14/16 - Pastor John continues in the Provision series on our broken views of money and material possessions.

  • Great is thy faithfulness!

    02/07/16 - Pastor John LaTorre speaks on how God's provision is seen throughout out scripture, and how we should respond as the People of God.

  • Agents of Change - The boldness of Nehemiah

    01/31/16 - Pastor John LaTorre continues in the Agents of Change series, speaking on the Boldness of Nehemiah. Join him in Chapter 2 as he speaks on his boldness and how we can apply that to our lives!

  • The City Changer - Nehemiah

    01/24/16 - Pastor John LaTorre speaks on how Nehemiah was an agent of change. Rebuilding a city and rebuilding a people.

  • Agents of Change 01/17/15

    01/17/16 - Guest Speaker Isaac Huffman recounts the story of Esther, and 3 characteristics in this story that apply to us today!