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  • A People of His Presence

    01/03/16 - We must be a people of His Presence. Pastor John Speaks on 3 imprints of being a people of God's Presence in Exodus 33:12-17

  • Creating a Culture of Crying out to God

    12/27/15 - Pastor John speaks about how every great call from God requires a great call on God and how we must resolve to create a culture of calling out to God . Join us in Genesis 12.

  • Christmas Series #3

    12/20/15 - Pastor John teaches on the Good News of Christmas. Join us in Luke 2:8-14 as we discuss Jesus our Lord, Jesus our Savior, and Jesus our Prince of Peace.

  • Christmas Series #2

    12/13/15 - Pastor John LaTorre speaks on how creating an environment of Affirmation builds an atmosphere of praise. Join him in Luke 1:39 as he continues his Christmas series.

  • Christmas series 2015

    12/06/15 - Our new Chirstmas series begins in the Book of Luke. Join Pastor John LaTorre as he preaches in Luke Chapter 1 on how Humility makes way for the Power of God in our lives.

  • Beyond Now:Living for eternity

    11/22/15 - Pastor John speaks about how We have been entrusted with God’s kingdom and resources to build it. Lets invest and build!

  • Beyond Now Living for Eternity Pt #3

    11/15/15 - Guest Speaker Isaac Huffman is back to continue to teach us about living for eternity today using an illustration from the Parable of the virgins!

  • Beyond Now: Living for Eternity

    11/08/15 - Guest Speaker Demayron Hayes Speaks on what it means to live for Eternity Today!

  • Beyond Now: Living for Eternity Today

    11/01/15 - Pastor John speaks on how we as a church can #1 – Endure as genuine followers in a difficult world full of quitters and counterfeits, Should #2 – Only buy what Jesus is selling, run away from religious shysters, And #3 – Find confidence and hope in knowin