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  • How to be a Five-Two Christian

    03/07/16 - When we lay it all down for God he is able to multiply it far beyond we could ever think possible

  • God's Crash Cart for Your Faith

    03/07/16 - In medical terms, a crash cart has vital instruments to revive a person if they are dying in a hospital. God has a crash cart for your faith when you fell like you can't make it much further!

  • Stressed?

    03/07/16 - Message about finding faith in the midst of life's crisis. Study of the first single mom in the Bible.

  • Worship From a Rescued Heart

    03/07/16 - From a series called "Coming Back to the Heart of Worship" preached on July 5th, 2004 at New Life Midway. Psalm 40

  • After Death, Where will you go?

    03/07/16 - A six minute message recorded with a beat in the background... ASKING: Do you know where you will go when you die? And giving the answer from various verses in the Bible!

  • The Gospels: Fact or Fiction?

    03/06/16 - Based on the story of the two disciples who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus. Examine some of the evidence that the Gospels were written as eyewitness accounts sharing historical facts and not some fantasy fiction.

  • Don't waste your new life

    12/13/15 - Joy to the World Part 3... Luke 2:22-40 5 Key words- Sold Out, Spirit Led, Saved, Serve, and Speak

  • When Mary Got Her Praise On (Part 2 of Joy To the World)

    12/06/15 - The first two chapters of Luke tell the story of the birth of Christ from a historian's perspective. A common thread of Joy rings throughout the first two chapters! The second part of this Advent series focusses on the Joy Mary felt when she saw that co

  • The Chase Part 3... The Unfathomable

    10/18/15 - Sometimes God works in unfathomable ways. God used a hard hearted rebel prophet to lead one of the greatest revivals of all time. What God could do with your life is equally unfathomable!