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  • Agents of Change- Fire Walkers

    01/24/16 - In the book of Daniel we learn about three men who found themselves in Babylon as captives of the tyrant king Nebuchadnezzar. When they resisted allowing the culture to reshape their identity or erode their convictions they were threatened with death by f

  • Agents of Change- Do you see it?

    01/17/16 - In Nehemiah we discover how Agents of Change gain a clear, unshakable calling from God. Before we gain this vision God must open our eyes to see it and give us the passion and to act on it. A Change Agent will need to pray first and then take action steps

  • Pray Like Jesus

    01/03/16 - As we enter a time of fasting and prayer we examine the way in which Jesus taught the disciples to pray. When we look at what we refer to as 'The Lord's Prayer' we see an outline that can help us focus our prayer in some key areas. Today we examine how no

  • Day One- Habits Matter

    12/27/15 - As the year draws to an end we should reflect on how we can make the most of the blessing of a new year. Pastor Mark explains that how we start the year has a great impact on how we finish the year. What practices can we put into place that will help us p

  • Jesus - The Story Behind Christmas #3 Missing Jesus

    12/20/15 - In this message we acknowledge the challenge we face in maintaining the presence of Jesus during this busy Christmas season. Today we examine why we lost the presence of Jesus and how to correct our mistake and bring his presence back into your homes and

  • Jesus - The Story Behind Christmas #2 Surviving Surprises

    12/13/15 - The story of JesusŐs birth is a story with many twist and turns and surprises. When we are surprised in Life- sometimes we think it gives us a pass on obedience because we did not expect this. We must remember that God is not obligated to clarify anything

  • Jesus - The Story Behind Christmas #1 Breakthrough Timing

    12/06/15 - The Christmas story is about breakthrough and the timing of God. Although we may be dealing with disappointment and struggle as we wait for our personal breakthrough we must remember to never underestimate the power of persistent prayer and GodŐs perfect

  • Change Agents - Seizing Divine Opportunities

    11/29/15 - What we see as a challenge- God sees as an opportunity to test our faith. Over the years we have seen a series of challenges and in retrospect each of those problems has been a door to opportunity. In this message we learn a few things about Seizing Divin