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  • Facing Your Feelings #2 - Fighting Fear

    04/10/16 - Pastor Mark Jobe - Fear and anxiety seem to have reached epidemic proportions in our culture. In this story from the book of Matthew we find that the presence of Jesus has disrupting power over fear. Today we learn that in order to fight against fear we m

  • Facing Your Feelings #1 - Shedding Shame

    04/03/16 - Pastor Mark Jobe - We have all felt shame at one moment or another in our life. If you allow the enemy to use it as a weapon it may cause you to suffer silently and warp your approach to God. But if we bring our hurt and shame to the light, and let God h

  • Experience Easter #2 - Stand Up Straight

    03/27/16 - Pastor Mark Jobe- Although we may hide our pain, shame and guilt from the world we can not hide it from God. He sees you and knows you and is the only one who can heal you, not only physically but spiritually. Today we learn that God is not afraid of our

  • Chain Reaction #3 - Your Problem is Not Your Problem

    03/20/16 - The Bible tells us that one day Jesus encountered a Samaritan woman, at a well, in the middle of the day. It turns out that this was not a chance encounter, it was a God moment. It is a story that teaches us what happens when God reveals himself to us and

  • Chain Reaction #2 - Break Through Your Ceilings

    03/06/16 - Pastor Mark Jobe- In the book of Luke we see extreme measures being taken as some men break through a ceiling to lower a Paralytic into the place where Jesus was so that he would be healed. We see parallels in our lives as we can be paralyzed by doubt, de

  • Chain Reaction #1 - Moving Beyond Your Challenge

    02/28/16 - Pastor Mark Jobe- I believe a spiritual reaction in you can spark a reaction in others allowing God to move and accelerate. Before the change is set in motion we must respond to GodŐs call and come to Him, moving beyond the challenges tat block our view o

  • Provision #3 - Make Your Money Follow You

    02/21/16 - Pastor Mark Jobe - One of the most compelling passages in scripture on the power of giving is found in Malachi 3:6-10. Here we discover how much what we do with our money is tied into our spiritual well being. Today we learn that a key step to spiritual r