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  • REWRITE #5 What Do You See?

    03/19/17 - Pastor Mark Jobe

  • REWRITE #4 How To Be Healed

    03/12/17 - Josiah Jobe

  • REWRITE #3 How Full Is Your Bucket?

    03/05/17 - The story of the Samaritan woman is one we can all reflect from. We all long for love, acceptance, worth and forgiveness. This is a story of a woman that was thirsty and needed living water. Her bucket was empty.

  • REWRITE #2 Jesus Said What?

    02/26/17 - Our life can reveal all the signs of knowing Jesus and believing in him, at the same time not having true faith in him as our savior.

  • reWRITE #1 Moving Past Empty

    02/19/17 - We can all end up on empty at the most unexpected seasons of life. Imagine what life would be like if you lived your life in an overflowing state. God wants you to be so full that you can't contain it. It will flow like a river and bring life to everyone

  • Follow The Money #3 Don't Get Careless

    02/12/17 - As Americans We are the wealthiest world (top 1% of wealth) - we've been given so much opportunity for success and influence. Understanding that and living in a way that shows everything we have belongs to God. Is the heart of living a Christian life.

  • Follow The Money #2 Don't Get Worried

    02/05/17 - You never see a U-haul following a hearse. We need to store our treasure in heaven and remember what we accumulate here has nothing to do with our eternity.

  • Follow The Money #1 Don't Get Trapped

    01/29/17 - Money- is neutral- not good or bad. It is how you use it.

  • Amplify #3 Take It With You

    01/22/17 - It's impossible to have passion for something if we don't see the big picture. Pastor Mark shares four challenges to help us grasp the big picture of how great and mighty our God is.