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  • A.D. Week 1

    04/05/15 - Life that Death Cannot Take Away! John 11 And 20

  • A.D. Week 2

    04/12/15 - Pastor Chris Rookus shares from Acts 1 on Jesus' ascension and the promise of the coming Holy Spirit.

  • A.D. Week 3

    04/19/15 - 3,000 believe by the power of the Holy Spirit (Recording Error - Only 2nd half of message)

  • A.D. Week 5

    05/03/15 - See in Acts 5 the power of God and the pattern of the church

  • Abigail, David and the Rescue of God

    11/13/16 - God rescues His people regularly throughout their lives. Not only in their salvation, where He delivers them from the power and penalty of their sin, but in regular rescues throughout their lives. In this fresh 3-week series titled ŇLIFELINE: STORIES OF G

  • Agents of Change 2

    01/17/16 - Praying and Fasting for God's glory - Welson Cesar shares from Nehemiah

  • Agents of Change week 1

    01/10/16 - "Fasting is doing without the gift to focus on the Giver" A look at a corporate fast in Ezra

  • Agents of Change week 3

    01/24/16 - Prayer And Fasting for God's People - Welson Cesar charges from Esther.

  • Aligning Your Worship

    01/18/15 - Chris Rookus