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  • Set Free Stay Free Week 3

    07/05/15 - Riding the wave of Grace set free from the guardian of the law in Galatians 3

  • Set Free Stay Free week 2

    06/28/15 - Freedom by means of Justification by faith in Christ alone, Galatians 2:115-21 - Pastor Chris shares why he hates going to the Dentist.

  • Set Free Stay Free week 1

    06/21/15 - Do you trust wholly in the Gospel of Grace alone? Pastor Chris shares from Galatians 1:6-8

  • In His Image Week 5

    06/14/15 - Pastor Chris closes the Renewing Relationships series with a focus on Forgiveness

  • In His Image Week 3

    05/24/15 - Embracing the character of Jesus Christ in Colossians 3

  • In His Image Week 2

    05/17/15 - Putting off the old, living in our sealed identity, Pastor Chris shares from Colossians 3:5-11

  • In His Image Week 1

    05/10/15 - Pastor Chris shares about our identity And focus on Jesus Christ in Colossians 1

  • A.D. Week 5

    05/03/15 - See in Acts 5 the power of God and the pattern of the church

  • Walk This Way

    04/26/15 - Pastor Chris shares from the heart about the direction of New Life Brookfield