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  • The Chase - Act 4: Refocus

    10/25/15 - Jonah chapter 4, Jonah's anger and heart is addressed by God the counselor... What would your chapter 5 be?

  • The Chase - Act 3: Restore

    10/18/15 - Jonah Chapter 3, Jonah decides to obey the Lord And warns Nineveh, but does Jonah hear what he needs to hear?

  • The Chase - Act 2: Repent

    10/11/15 - Jonah Chapter 2 - God draws Jonah down to the depths in a 'great fish' and Jonah repents... Kind of...

  • The Case - Act 1: Run

    10/04/15 - Jonah Chapter 1, Jonah runs from God, falls into His sovereign love And mercy.

  • Fan or Follower - Week 3

    09/27/15 - Pastor Chris shares from Matthew 10 on COUNTING the COST of being a true follower of Jesus

  • Fan or Follower? Week 2

    09/20/15 - Pastor Chris shares from Matthew 7 on the Narrow Way, the authentication of it is crucial!

  • Fan or Follower? Week 1

    09/13/15 - (Beginning missing) Matthew 13 Pastor Chris shares about the four soils of the heart

  • Churchify - Walk On

    09/06/15 - Walk on with Ray Charles - Pastor Chris shares the firm hope we have, reason to walk on together, arm in arm!

  • Churchify - Get Rhythm

    08/30/15 - Get Rhythm with Johnny Cash, as Pastor Chris shares the Rhythms of Life