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  • Walk This Way

    04/26/15 - Pastor Chris shares from the heart about the direction of New Life Brookfield

  • A.D. Week 3

    04/19/15 - 3,000 believe by the power of the Holy Spirit (Recording Error - Only 2nd half of message)

  • A.D. Week 2

    04/12/15 - Pastor Chris Rookus shares from Acts 1 on Jesus' ascension and the promise of the coming Holy Spirit.

  • A.D. Week 1

    04/05/15 - Life that Death Cannot Take Away! John 11 And 20

  • Meetups with Jesus Week 6

    03/29/15 - Welson Cesar shares from John 7

  • Meetups with Jesus 5

    03/22/15 - In John 7 we see that Jesus is more than living water to fill, but also living waters to overflow. Pastor Chris

  • Meetups with Jesus 4

    03/15/15 - In John 6 Jesus offers himself as MORE than just bread to fill the belly, he offers himself as the bread of life - life eternal.

  • Meetups with Jesus 3

    03/08/15 - Jesus offers LIVING Water, a drink that restores and quenches our deepest thirst. John 4

  • Meetups with Jesus 2

    03/01/15 - In John 3 we see Jesus comes to be light in the darkness And offer a solution to the problem.