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  • In the Haven of a Harlot: Rahab

    11/27/16 - Whether you like it or not you are on God's mission. He has plans, opportunities and experiences for you to walk in and show forth His glory. In the meantime you are not on your own. Your God is steps, even years, ahead of your first steps into the missio

  • From Ruin to Rescue: Ruth

    11/20/16 - Do you ever feel like your trials, regrets or past failures define you? Do you talk about them with new people that you meet and consistently bring them up throughout your life? God has a different plan for your life. Your regrets should not be your name

  • Abigail, David and the Rescue of God

    11/13/16 - God rescues His people regularly throughout their lives. Not only in their salvation, where He delivers them from the power and penalty of their sin, but in regular rescues throughout their lives. In this fresh 3-week series titled ŇLIFELINE: STORIES OF G

  • In the Furnace with God

    10/16/16 - Daniel 3 First Person Narrative Sermon from one who was inside the furnace with God

  • Old Testament Mishael Visits New Life Brookfield

    10/09/16 - Daniel 2 Your Crisis is God's Opportunity to Show His Plan. Don't waste it!

  • REACH: Jesus' Expectations of His Missionaries

    09/11/16 - What Jesus Expects of Us While On Mission

  • Faith without Works is Dead

    07/24/16 - Pastor Rick Tatina shares from the second half of James 2.

  • Mercy Rules the Day

    07/17/16 - Pastor Chris shares from James on mercy over judgment.

  • Hearing, Receiving And Obeying the Word

    07/03/16 - Hearing, receiving, obeying the Word of God - Pastor Chris shares from the book of James.